Salesforce Interview Questions-Service Application


Service Application

1. How many active case escalation rules can we have?

Answer: We can have only one active escalation rule at a time.

2. What error comes up if you create a new active escalation rule when you already have an active rule in place?

Answer: No, the error is thrown. Instead, the old escalation will be marked inactive, and the new escalation rule is considered an active rule.

3. What is the business hour criteria in Escalation Rules?

Answer: Business hours let you specify when your support team is available. If business hours are set on the escalation rule, then escalation actions occur only during business hours.

4. What is solution management in Salesforce?

Answer: Solutions tab in Salesforce provides a repository of the detailed description of customer issues. The customer support representatives quickly answer inquiries at any time; solutions help improve support agent productivity and customer response time, streamlining communication and improving customer satisfaction.

Note – Currently, the Solutions tab and object are not available in lightning and Salesforce Classic support.

5. What is a Case Assignment Rule?

Answer: We can define criteria that determine how Cases are automatically routed to a particular user or Queue when created in Salesforce.

6. What is Web-to-Case?

Answer: It allows you to capture user requests directly from your company’s website and automatically generate new cases using Web-to-Case.

But remember, we can only generate up to 5000 cases per day using this setting.

7. Can we define an auto-reply in case of email to the case in Salesforce?

Answer: Yes, we can use auto-response rules, which defines which template to be sent.

8. What is the support process in Salesforce?

Answer: Support Process is only for the “Status” picklist, as you might know. The picklist values available in the status of a case record type determine a support process. It is only a business-relevant feature as the status field is the most process-specific field on a case. The status field cannot be customized on a record type; it should be customized in support.

9. Can we have multiple record types using the same Support Process?

Answer: Yes, multiple record types can refer to the same support process.

10. How to give users access to knowledge articles?

Answer: We need to assign user knowledge license by marking the knowledge user checkbox as true on the user detail page.

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