Vlocity and OmniStudio Architecture

 Vlocity and OmniStudio Architecture

Vlocity is a managed package build on salesforce that helps to provide industry-specific needs. With the help of Vlocity we can build high-end applications in a faster and low code environment. 


Vlocity ( also called Omnistudio ) provides us a drag-drop-based tool that helps customers to create business-specific flows with just clicks instead of creating the custom code. With the help of build-in tools Omnistudio also provides us the option to interact with other applications to share the data


OmniStudio Architecture:

OmniStudio is part of Einstein Automate, which integrates Salesforce automation capabilities across Platform, Einstein, MuleSoft, Industries, and AppExchange to deliver an efficient end-to-end workflow platform


OmniStudio offers several layers of components:

  •         Digital Experience
  •         Service Management
  •          Developer Experience


The Digital Experience Layer

The Digital Experience layer includes two primary user interface (UI) components. 

OmniStudio FlexCards: Cards that display contextual information and actions in an at-a-glance format for customer account data. Beginning end ending point for guided interactions

OmniScripts: A guided path to complete a business process. The omniStudio Provide ability to configure interactive, easy-to-use business processes with branching, which means different pages and groups of fields can be shown based on choices the user makes



The Service Management Layer

This layer is used to deal with backend logic and data. Service Management is handle reading - writing the data from salesforce and from other external sources by integrations.

OmniStudio DataRaptors: Configurable services for retrieving, transforming, and updating data. DataRaptors help manipulate the data. For example, a user might need to submit, change, and save new information. To enable this functionality, you turn to DataRaptors (Extract, TurboExtract, Load, Transform) that access and transform data from Salesforce objects or other external sources with OmniStudio Integration Procedures getting in the act.

Compared with Apex classes that perform similar operations, DataRaptors are less time-consuming and easier to maintain.


OmniStudio Integration Procedures: Declarative, server-side processes that execute multiple actions in a single server call. Merge the output to multiple APIs and orchestrate multi-step calculations. Can be used as a data source for an OmniScript, FlexCard, API, or Apex

And Integration Procedures is a click-based process for retrieving information from third-party services without any additional user interaction

The Developer Experience Layer

The Developer Experience layer is an application lifecycle layer of tools for developers to manage and move OmniStudio component changes between environments. These developer tools are:

IDX Build Tool: Command-line automation tool that packages and migrates OmniStudio Datapacks in a source-control-friendly format

IDX Workbench: Desktop application that enables developers to migrate Datapacks and Salesforce metadata from one org to another or from an org to a Git repository


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